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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Praise for "special role of MEP Graham Watson"

Equality Rights group GGR made public today via the media copies of letters written by European parliamentarians to the heads of both GB Airways (franchisors of British Airways on the Rock) and Monarch Airlines requesting assurances that disabled passengers travelling to and from Gibraltar will receive exactly the same level of rights as in any other EU territory state.

“We want to take this opportunity to highlight the very special role that Lib-Dem MEP Graham Watson has played in all this. Not only was Mr Watson instrumental in ensuring GGR Chairman Felix Alvarez was able to meet with Commissioners Franco Frattini and Vladimir Spidla to bring the injustices of the recent EU air measure exclusion from Gibraltar to their attention, he has also been key in ensuring that the issues are followed through. First evidence of this is the sending of these letters.”

For his part, Chairman Felix Alvarez reiterated his gratitude for the “important role that Graham played in this scenario and, additionally, for the keen interest and personal support also received from MEPs Neil Parish (Conservative), Glyn Ford (Labour) and Michael Cashman (Labour). Together, and with Graham Watson’s coordination and follow-up, not only will these issues be followed through but also kept alive as they continue their pressure by planning for and presenting questions in both the European Parliament and at Westminster. It is with the help of MEPs of this calibre that we can work to bring Brussels closer to Gib!”