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Saturday, January 21, 2006

GGR: "We shouldn't even be having to do this Petition!"

GGR’s Abuse Issues Coordinator, Annette Vallejo, has today announced that the group’s Sex Offenders Petition campaign has once more started to collect signatures of support – “a Petition we shouldn’t even be having to do!”

“In the coming weeks and months we will be visiting all areas of Gibraltar. We shall be starting by going door-to-door in the housing estates and then work our way towards the South District. We currently have approximately 3,500 signatures and although we do not have a specific target figure in mind, we will continue until we are satisfied that all those people who want the opportunity of expressing their discontent with the Government’s total failure to do something about this issue have been able to do so.”

“We agree with the many people who constantly express the view that it is ridiculous that we should even have to go around Gibraltar asking for signatures on a Petition that should never have needed to happen had Government done its job. This kind of Register should have been in place years ago!” Ms Vallejo ended.