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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Alvarez to meet EU Commissioner next week

Equality Rights group GGR has today revealed that Chairman Felix Alvarez (left) will be flying to Brussels at the end of this week in order to meet with Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini following the recent exclusion of disabled Gibraltarian travellers from Europe-wide measures which make travelling non-discriminatory and more accessible.

“I have been shocked by the political cold-heartedness towards Gibraltarians that this European move has demonstrated,” Alvarez added, “It is for this reason that shrugging shoulders and doing nothing was just not an option and I said so. Now with the help of Graham Watson MEP I shall be meeting with Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini to raise the matter in the clearest of terms. I will be asking some very direct questions regarding this latest move and would trust the Commissioner will be willing to consider the views of Gibraltarian European citizens. As Chairman of an NGO, I will certainly take this as far as I am capable within my means. However, Government, political parties and concerned citizens should work together to bring as much pressure as possible to bear on the European authorities: the disabled cannot be used for a game of political football!”