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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Petition: 3,500 signatures "so far"

Annette Vallejo - GGR Coordinator on Abuse IssuesIn a statement today, Equality Rights group GGR has revealed that it has collected 3,500 signatures to date on its Petition for the introduction of a Sex Offenders Register in Gibraltar.

“We want to thank the public at large for the warm response and encouragement we are receiving on this matter,” Annette Vallejo (left), the group’s Coordinator on abuse issues said. “We have been constantly urged to continue in this campaign and we want to reassure the public that although we have already received a substantial number of signatures, we realise that there are many people who still want to put their names on this Petition. We will be resuming our collection of signatures once the festive season is over and shall be working our way through all areas of Gibraltar in the early months of the new year. Meanwhile, we should be grateful if all those kind people who have been busy collecting signatures on our behalf could post their sheets to us at PO Box 425, Gibraltar,” she said adding that “All of the team at GGR wish you all a very happy Christmas.”