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Monday, September 12, 2005

New GGR elections

GGR today formally announced the results of recent Elections to its Executive Committee which saw Felix Alvarez re-elected Chairman of the group, with Charles Trico as Secretary. Susan Haywood (Equality), Sandra Poveda (Social), Martin Snape (Disability) and Annette Vallejo (Abuse Issues) also form part of GGR’s Executive with specific areas of responsibility. Alvarez expressed satisfaction at continuing in the post and “in particular,” he said, “at the fact that, in the same way that Society at large changes, the nature of the group has similarly followed suit. Today, in line with the fact we have become an Equality and Human Rights organisation concerned and interested in wide-ranging issues, our Executive similarly is made up of not just gay people but also of heterosexuals, and we are all likewise committed to working on issues which touch different sectors of our community.”

“This Executive reaffirms its commitment to Equality and to working for changes in a wide cross-section of social issues which affect the daily quality of life of so many citizens. As Chairman I am proud of the dedication and work of my members and thank the many individuals who support us day to day,” Alvarez ended.