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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

GGR questions policy on British residence rights

GGR has celebrated its 5th Anniversary as an Equality Rights group by questioning Government policy on the residence rights of British UK residents in Gibraltar.

Sue Haywood, Executive member responsible for community issues, explained that GGR has raised the matter in a letter to the Chief Minister.

“The provisions in EC law are clear – EU citizens have the right to move freely within the internal market. This includes rights to residence without hindrance, as well as other secondary rights. We have received a number of complaints from British citizens working and otherwise established in Gibraltar who feel their EC rights are not being granted not only within the letter but also within the spirit of EC law,” Ms Haywood stated.

“Whilst there may be rational and possibly even acceptable grounds for Gibraltar to be treated as an exception within the EC scheme of things, it is not acceptable that this situation should lead to a deprivation of rights without a clear legal basis. To this end, we have asked the Chief Minister to advise us of his views on the matter,” the statement closed.