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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

GGR accuses Government of pre-Election panic

Commenting on the Chief Minister’s recent media statements regarding the Rosia Tanks campaign, Equality Rights group Chairman Felix Alvarez has said that “Whatever spin Mr Caruana may attempt to throw at the public on this matter, the facts speak for themselves: at no time during the past 10 years has Mr Caruana shown any real concern for providing housing for ordinary people. He has built only for the rich and the super rich! His only concern now is whether he stands any chance of being re-elected and for this he is willing to make the rest of us believe that it is ordinary citizens who are to blame for the lack of housing and not his own Government!”

“It is the easiest thing in the world for Government, with its significant financial, legal and media resources to turn around and blame a small group of individual Gibraltarians who have the strength of mind and character to stand up and demand transparency over a proposed building project of being selfish when it is, in fact, Mr Caruana and his Government who have for the past 10 years or so been selfish and politically self-interested by ignoring the needs of ordinary Gibraltarians for so long. Now they want us to swallow their story that their hastily drawn-up schemes will be affordable by ordinary Gibraltarians and that anyone who has the slightest question about them is almost an enemy of the people. It is clear this behaviour by Government has more to do with pre-election panic than a sincere and genuine interest in the needs of ordinary Gibraltarians. We very much regret that if Mr Caruana does not take the log out of his eye before telling others to remove their own speck of dust the people of Gibraltar will be more than happy to perform that task for him in the not too distant future! There is no hiding place for Mr Caruana on this issue: he has failed to deliver housing for Gibraltarians and is now trying every trick in the book to convince us to the contrary before asking for our votes!”