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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

GGR Chairman calls for Election unity


Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights Group GGR (pictured left, courtesy Gibraltar Chronicle), told a press conference at John Mackintosh Hall on Tuesday, 2 October 2007:

“Peter Tatchell is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary track record in human rights. He has been closely interested in issues of human rights in Gibraltar for many years now. But when he recently wrote in The Guardian online he was criticised for speaking ‘from the outside’, a criticism which he accepted.

“It was for this reason that I invited Peter to come to Gibraltar and independently meet people from across the community. Something which he has done with untiring vigour over the past 6 days, and which he will briefly be reporting on.

“At the same time, as Chairman of Equality Rights Group GGR there are issues which must be addressed directly to fellow Gibraltarians; for Mr Caruana has been in power for 3 terms. 3 terms of office during which time the rights of ordinary Gibraltarians have been slowly but surely eroded. 3 terms of office during which time Mr Caruana has been slowly but surely increasing his own powers over you as a person and over us as a People.

“There are many of us in Gibraltar affected by this situation. Do NOT lose hope! Do NOT fail to turn out with your vote on 11 October! If you are undecided, if you are wavering, if you are considering not even voting, or if you are gay, disabled, a pensioner, someone who can’t afford the affordable homes, or you have one of so many different reasons for being unhappy and disgruntled the solution is to make your voice heard. Together, we are NOT a minority.

“Together our votes make a very big difference! Vote ONLY for those parties who have clearly committed to you and your needs. With your vote, punish those who have been in power for almost 12 years and who have continued to ignore you! Not only that, get your family and your friends to do the same or at least to give some of their votes to those parties who have clearly committed to helping you! Every vote will help! Again, don’t give up hope: as Gibraltarians who love our country we can make this country be a tolerant, caring and just society. But we have to do it together and in Unity,” said Alvarez.