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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We call for PDP's clarification

Equality Rights group GGR has broadly welcomed the recently announced Equality Policy of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), adding, however, “that it is unfortunate that it should employ ambiguous language in the process.”

The group points to the fact that whilst the PDP makes a clear commitment to introducing equality for non-EU citizens in Gibraltar by stating that if in Government it would “ensure” this to be so, when addressing gay rights issues GGR notes that the PDP simply says it would “support” such a move, making this subject to a “free vote within Parliament”.

Chairman Felix Alvarez stated that “GGR has always stood for non-discrimination across the whole of this community. Nonetheless, it does not understand why unqualified support by the PDP should be good for non-EU nationals in this community but not for sexual minority citizens. Whilst this may simply be a case of careless or imprecise language in the policy document, it is nonetheless a matter of concern since it is only natural that where a Party fails to be clear the Electorate cannot help but question. I would therefore call on the PDP to clarify these points forthwith in good faith and as a demonstration of their real commitment to openness and democracy in our community. A failure to do so will be read as a negative intention not only by GGR but by concerned citizens in general. ”

The GGR Chairman revealed that he has been in consultation and dialogue with Keith Azopardi and the PDP over a period of time. “This consultation and dialogue has proven positive and civilized, demonstrating that with fairness and reason, understanding is indeed a reachable goal in this community. I trust this will now extend to their clarification on this matter.”