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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Alvarez offers independent rights support to MOD workers

Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights Group GGR Chairman, has reiterated today his support to the Trade Unions and MOD workers in their current dispute regarding contractorisation of employment.

“Human Rights organisations in other countries often act as independent observers in cases of industrial dispute. As Chairman of such an organisation in Gibraltar, I am more than happy to assist the Unions and the MOD workforce as an independent observer or adviser whenever action in support of workers’ rights is required. Should the Unions and their workers feel that I can be of any assistance in this regard, let it be known that my services will be gladly and sincerely given. This is likely to be a long dispute but it is essential that workers stand solidly not only with each other but with their Unions in carrying forward an effective strategy. It is in this context that I offer whatever support is within my reach, knowledge and experience.”