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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We cautiously welcome the Progressive Democratic Party's disability policy announcement

Equality Rights Group Chairman Felix Alvarez has welcomed the announced disability policy of the recently-established Progressive Democratic Party (PDP). “It contains many elements that are crucial and necessary to comprehensive care and inclusion for the disabled in Gibraltar and which GGR has been calling for through the last almost 7 years. Though we would like to give credit where credit is due, we are nonetheless aware that pre-electoral promises must be judged as such. We will have no problem in acknowledging such credit if and when the policy is made reality and if and when the PDP reaches Government. Nonetheless, it has to be said that the announced PDP skeleton policy plan if implemented would indeed go a long way in addressing the many issues which have for so long frustrated the advancement of disabled people and their families in our community."

“Now that their honeymoon period as a new Party is over, we now publicly challenge the PDP to equally categorically and comprehensively set their agenda with regards to rectifying the many issues of discrimination for sexual minorities in Gibraltar and which we are certain Equality Rights Group GGR does not need to repeat. As a Party labeling itself as having a progressive attitude and coming to the political scene with an allegedly new open mind and social agenda, the PDP's disposition, openness and progressiveness will be tested in this particular respect since it takes courage and an honest will to make change for policies in this area to be addressed. We look forward to the PDP’s public response on this issue and put on the table Equality Rights Group GGR's readiness to enter whatever dialogue with Keith Azzopardi as may be necessary. We urge, however, all sexual minority citizens, families and friends in Gibraltar to keep a very open eye for the PDP’s response or silence on this matter as a barometer and indicator of the PDP's intentions.”