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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let Ratali appeal before the Courts

Equality Rights Group GGR has today welcomed Government’s speedy clarification of its reasons for the situation which has developed lately regarding the MCA President.

Chairman Felix Alvarez stated that “Having established clearer Government’s reasons for their actions following a recent statement, it is only right that, in all fairness and in consequence, Mr Caruana should now give instructions to allow this gentleman access into Gibraltar for the purpose of presenting his due appeal before the Courts. Under the rule of law in any democracy, citizens may question the actions of the Executive and public authorities via the courts who will be responsible for impartially ascertaining the legitimacy of any such action. The fact that Mr Ratali has neither been given reasons verbally nor in writing, nor indeed afforded the opportunity to present his case to the concerned authorities is a factor which weighs heavily against the propriety of the process which has taken place and I publicly urge Government to review this aspect of their decision.”

“Failure to accede in this manner to what is a due process of law, may otherwise give grounds for public belief that the denial of entry into Gibraltar in this particular instance is designed to thwart what is a fundamental tenet of Gibraltar’s constitutional and moral framework and status, and I trust Mr Caruana will be keen to demonstrate the contrary,” Mr Alvarez added.