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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We welcome retirement of TG District Officer

Equality Rights group GGR has today welcomed the announcement of arrangements for Luis Montiel's departure from the post of TGWU District Officer as of next month, saying that “it is good to see that Union Headquarters has arranged for the happy retirement of Mr Montiel. It will be for others now to deal with the legacy of decline in membership figures and disillusionment among the membership. And this despite TG's strong and progressive social politics. We are glad to see, however, that in his final phase Mr Montiel has made an effort to assist in obtaining some benefits for his members.”

“We trust that in choosing a new District Officer both TG Headquarters and the Gibraltar branch will have read the message of the last 11 years and learnt the lesson that workers in Gibraltar must no longer allow the kind of incursions of power interests which have permitted the kind of right wing hold on Gibraltar’s progress that we have seen and return the Union to its crucial role as a vital social agent in Gibraltar.”