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Friday, June 09, 2006

Nothing positive about new political party!

Equality Rights group GGR has commented on the launch of ex Government-Minister Keith Azzopardi’s recently launched new political party by saying that “It is in our view fair comment to say that to believe that a politician who has occupied the highest levels of Government for several terms and done nothing to bring about the “progressive” politics he now wishes to sell us until the moment when his own political career prospects have been affected says very little about Mr Azzopardi’s party being any kind of “political alternative” whatsoever!”

“The candidacies of Rosemary Peach and Marilu Guerrero are similarly questionable. On the one hand, in our opinion, never has the Women’s Association been as inactive or expressed less solidarity with the community of Gibraltar than during Ms Peach’s chairmanship. In fact, in our view, she has been spectacularly unforthcoming in supporting the many disadvantaged sectors of our society when her role might have been helpful. She did nothing, for instance, to campaign either for the introduction of legislation against child sex offenders or to support the disabled in Gibraltar. She is not, in our view, a candidate to inspire hope in anything other than a desire to reach a political position. Ms Guerrero, while a strong personality and hard worker in her own corner, has, similarly not been known for “moderate” solidarity with social progress which Mr Azzopardi wishes to project as the centre of his campaign. Given the, in our view, singular track record of both Ms Peach and Guerrero in always sitting on a fence and thus avoiding being seen to support any social causes by always insisting they were “not political”, we are amazed at their new-found political consciousness! All in all, Mr Azzopardi’s new-fangled party lacks credibility or substance!”