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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

GGR rallies supporters to act in Election unity

Inaugurating a campaign which aims to reach households throughout Gibraltar, Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights Group GGR Chairman, has today called on sexual minority citizens, friends, families and supporters “to do as you did at the last Elections, which is to vote in unity. The fear factor came to an end 7 years ago when we launched GGR. Today, gays and lesbians, disabled, single heterosexual people and others who are discriminated against in different ways must work together to protect and advance their interests.”

“Keep your eyes and ears fully open. If you see any politician speaking with forked tongue when it comes to your rights, your needs, your lives, don’t vote for them. Indeed, listen out to see whether any politician actually even mentions you and your needs without first being prompted! Don't be fooled by smooth talk, check out their commitment and sincerity in what they do, not just what they say! And if they try to tell you why you must vote for them “in the wider interests”, ask them what they intend to do for you and for your life. They have ignored you "in the wider interests" for far too long already and it's time for them to deliver! At the last Elections, the gay and gay-friendly vote was of real importance and had a visible impact on the final results. Let that once more be the case at the Elections some time this year. On this occasion, GGR is reaching around 4,500 friends and supporters, a wider base than was available to GGR at the last Elections. We want each and every one of you to reach out to at least one more person and ask them to vote only for those parties which have a clear and unequivocal commitment not just to civil partnership rights, but to protection against goods and services discrimination, harassment, and equality of treatment in age of consent. GGR will be providing guidance on this in the coming months.”

“In this day and age it is only the scourge of prejudice which prevents equality being a reality for sexual minority citizens and others in Gibraltar. And that is something your vote can do something about. It's time to change Gibraltar!"