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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GGR thanks GSD moderates

Equality Rights group GGR has today thanked “GSD Party moderates” for their expressions of support lately.

“We have been aware of internal changes within Mr Caruana’s Party for some time now. However, of late, Equality Rights Group GGR has been increasingly approached by both ordinary GSD party members and well-known faces within that grouping, expressing disagreement with the hard-line approach of Chief Minister Peter Caruana on the issues of sexual minority rights in Gibraltar.”

Chairman Felix Alvarez stated that he is happy to note the increasing change within the GSD grass roots, “and, indeed, as the GSD people who have been approaching us and more recent political parties also already know, ordinary GSD members should be assured that where a possibility of real and civilized dialogue exists I will not hesitate to be there, to sit down at the table, and to engage in the kind of talks towards resolution of conflict which are the hallmark of a democratic and socially responsible Government – without recrimination, without anger and looking forward to the future, not setting our faces to the past. Constructive and not merely 'cosmetic' dialogue is the way forward.”