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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Discrimination exists - but we're on track for Equality

In the first of a series of planned public meetings for the gay community, their families and friends, Equality Rights Group GGR has once more openly supported Government in its commitment to legal measures in favour of the gay community.

Speaking at the meeting held last week, Organisation founder, Felix Alvarez, informed the well-attended meeting of consultations which have taken place in respect of the Government’s commitments to civil partnership and hate crime/speech legislation.

'Those measures, along with goods and services provisions, mean that although discrimination to date is still a reality for the gay community, we are, nonetheless on the right track towards Equality,' Mr Alvarez stated.

‘Gays and lesbians in this community alone represent anything between 1,500 to 3,000 citizens - and that's not counting their families and friends. Sufficient numbers for them to insist on their issues being attended to seriously not only as voters and tax payers but also as citizens who deserve respect. It is clear that all present at the recent Meeting held were in full agreement that these three areas of law are felt to represent the core of discrimination that has to be eliminated in order for first class citizenship to start becoming a reality for the gay community. Let there be no doubt from whatever quarter, Parliamentary or otherwise, that the LGBT community is more determined than ever to ensure equality becomes a reality for all – and that includes the disabled and other marginalized sectors. A fair and equal Gibraltar for all is what GGR stands for,’ Mr Alvarez added.

‘The gay community will continue to make its electoral voice known to Parliament, politicians, political parties and the community at large in order to pursue a more equitable, democratic, and human rights conscious community. Discrimination affects not only gay people themselves, but also their families and friends, and GGR is glad to see them all coming together to ensure the necessary changes come about. We have deposited our trust in Government’s commitments and look forward to continuing cooperation and support to this end,’ the statement ended.