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Friday, March 26, 2010

We welcome age of consent change in Guernsey

Following the recent passing of a law equalising the age of consent in Guernsey – a UK dependent territory – Equality Rights Group GGR has welcomed the news.

“This is one further example – closer to home – of the increasingly unacceptable injustice which is enshrined in any unequal age of consent law. Guernsey, like the UK, has opted for a consent age of 16. The arguments whether medical, psychological, social or justice-wise seem to hold water not only at UK level, but indeed across the majority of European states.
“GGR itself has never advocated any particular age level for consent, but instead has insisted over the past 9 years since it started to campaign on the issue, that equality is the fundamental point at heart. We continue highlighting that inequalities between citizens breach not only common-sense and fundamental democratic norms, but indeed only serve to create an atmosphere of social division, not cohesion.
“GGR looks forward to the rectification of Gibraltar law through the democratic mechanism of parliamentary change.”