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Friday, April 08, 2011

Supreme Court ruling: another step towards Equality

After almost eleven years of their campaign to bring equality to Gibraltar's age of consent law, Equality Rights Group GGR is today celebrating what they consider to be 'a first but very hard won step forward towards equality for all sexual minorities in Gibraltar.'

'There is no doubt,' added Acting Spokesman for the group Charles Trico, 'that much still remains to be done and we will be keeping an eye out for political parties' promises in their coming Manifestoes. But this first major hurdle towards Gibraltar law recognising equality for this sector of our community is a litmus test not only for how the issues have moved on in modern societies generally, but especially in Gibraltar since GGR started to air the questions affecting LGBT people on the Rock in September 2000.'

'Despite many difficulties over the years, it is good to see the law finally agreeing with our arguments. We hold no bad feeling or rancour towards any side, and extend a hand of friendship towards anyone who may represent an opposing view. We are also always willing to dialogue with any government or Party whatever their colours. This is an opportunity for political attitudes to change to this question, and for people to wake up to the fact that Gibraltarians have 'moved on' from prejudice towards a more accepting attitude towards minorities.Let me take this opportunity to thank John Restano of Hassan's for his committed and sterling work, as well as the UK Government and Unite the Union for having supported the arguments for equality on sexual orientation in Court.'

'Meanwhile, Mr Trico ended, 'I have been asked to add that GGR expects to announce the results of elections of a new Chairperson for the group in the coming weeks.'