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Monday, November 12, 2012


Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights group (GGR) Chairman, has sent a message of congratulations to a Financial Services Summit held in London at the global headquarters of the reputed law firm Clifford Chance and supported by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The Summit brings together major global corporations to discuss the opportunity that increasing equality brings to the marketplace.

Chairman Felix Alvarez
‘The Finance Centre in Gibraltar should take note of how the marketplace is moving along with social change all round,’ Mr Alvarez stated. ‘At this important Summit, the world’s largest companies are coming together to discuss how the financial services industry can work with and benefit from equality. No doubt at all, major corporations see not only the altruistic value of this, but also the market opportunities which are arising as society changes. The companies participating in the Summit represent eleven major companies with more than $630 billion (£385 billion) in market capitalisation.

‘Likewise, we in Gibraltar must also be visionaries if we wish to stay ahead of trends and safeguard our economic growth in the present and for the future. Civil Society includes the Business Sector, not just social non-governmental organisations. We’re all in this together to see mutual growth and progress for our people. Activists must be open to this kind of social inclusion and mutual support,’ Mr Alvarez continued. ‘And we are pleased to note voices such as the Chief Executive of Barclays confirm that, in his words, ‘Equality is critically important to Barclays because it helps to ensure that we provide customers and clients with the best possible service.’

‘I am certain leaders of the local Business Community in general, as well as the Finance Centre industry in Gibraltar in particular, will take note of not only this Summit but of what it means in terms of entrepreneurial opportunity for growing our economic base and increasing employment as the world itself becomes more competitive for a slice of a growing ‘equality niche,’ Mr Alvarez ended.