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Sunday, September 21, 2008

GGR announces international moves

Felix Alvarez, Chairman of Equality Rights Group GGR (left), is in Madrid all week, according to a communiqué today.

“We are very busy on a range of issues which require international coordination,” Mr Alvarez stated. “During this week I shall be holding meetings with a range of internationally-placed organizations, individual activists, and politicians on matters of interest to GGR. I shall also be attending a three day Conference on broad-based rights issues with a view to establishing and coordinating human rights initiatives on an international front.”

Mr Alvarez reveals that “a great deal of effort has been focussed over the past months in putting together a phase of international level work for GGR designed to reinforce due changes for same-sex individuals in Gibraltar. This will include close work with MEPs and well-established organisations in Brussels, where I will also be travelling in the early part of October.”

“GGR continues to concentrate on developing local rights for Gibraltar citizens while reinforcing its wider human rights base through increasing international perspectives,” Mr Alvarez ended.