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Thursday, March 27, 2008

We thank PDP for support on Whistleblower law

GGR says GSLP/Liberals have remained ‘silent on the matter’

Equality Rights Group GGR Chairman, Felix Alvarez, has today thanked the leader of the PDP, Keith Azopardi, for his Party’s swift support in the group’s recent call for introduction of Whistleblower legislation, “even though they did not have the courtesy to acknowledge GGR’s role in that recent initiative in their press release.”

“In contrast, we give credit where credit is due, and the PDP rightly points to the very particular requirements for Whistleblower protection in a community as small as Gibraltar, where Government is more ‘on top’ of citizens than in larger countries.

“It is for this reason, and due to the increasing experience that is being accumulated regarding the fate of individuals who take the trouble to stand up to alleged malpractice or corruption, that GGR, concerned as it is with the rights of citizens in our community, issued the call.

“We would, similarly, appreciate hearing publicly from the GSLP/Liberal Alliance, to whom our call was similarly directed, but who have remained silent on the matter” Mr Alvarez stated.