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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We welcome plans for a Sex Offenders Register

Reacting to news that Government intends to introduce comprehensive changes to criminal law provisions in Gibraltar, Equality Rights Group GGR has today thanked “the three-thousand-plus civic-minded individuals across our community who supported and signed our Petition in favour of the introduction of a Sex Offenders Register in order to protect minors from adult sex abuse.

“Even if Government has dragged its feet in finally and under pressure proposing this important change, it will, however, be gratefully received by this community and will bring peace of mind to the many people who continue to express their concerns to GGR on this matter,” Chairman Felix Alvarez stated.

“Whilst at this stage, details of the proposed change are necessarily very limited, this Group welcomes Government’s stated intention and highlights the importance of a broad range of coordinated resources for a Register system to function. We will, however, provide proper comment and analysis upon eventual publication of the final law text to which we look forward.